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Points of interest

Enjoy our recognized cities, beaches, leisure centres and shopping points. You won’t finish them.


(to 9 km) 

Tarragona, totally mediterranean capital, with excellent beaches and its great historical contribution: being the ancient roman city called Tarraco. You will visit numerous buildings and monuments very well preserved from those times. In Easter you can see the roman procession with many shows.

Tarragona Amphitheatre

Theme Parks

  • Port Aventura, Vila-seca de Solcina.


  • Aquopolis, La Pineda (Vila-seca de Solcina).


  • Aqualeón, Albinyana (El Vendrell).

Cistercian Route

The Route covers the visit to the three main cistercian monasteries (Santes Creus, Poblet and Vallbona de les Monges). They are very well preserved and during the excursion you can also appreciate the countryside life, and the local culture. This route also is very well marked along the way for bike riding.   See map: click here

Santes Creus abbey

Jujol’s Modernist Route

(10 km radius)

Nearby Tarragona we can find the works of Josep Mª Jujol, one of the modernist architects that was in the Gaudi working line as he was one of his disciples and sometimes his right hand. The Sagrat Cor in Vistabella town, the Casa Bofarull in Els Pallaresos, or Verge de Montserrat in Montferri are there of the best examples of his work.



L'entorn es ideal per a la pràctica d'esports diversos especialment en contacte amb l'aire lliure.


(to 8 km) 

It’s the capital of the Baix Camp catalan region, also a well known commercial city, where also you can visit the modernist buildings from the beginnings of the XX th century. In Reus was born the architect Gaudí, and you’ll find very interesting guided tours.

Casa Navàs, Reus.


(to 7 km)

The capital of the Alt Camp region is known by the human towers and its catalan traditions. The Sant Joan (Saint John) town celebration is the first of the year regarding the human tower season. Valls is also known for being the origin of the famous “Calçotada” (calçot is a large and tender onion that is grilled and dipped in romesco sauce) which is also a catalan celebration in winter. Other celebrations of the town: "Els tres tombs” (around Sant Antoni day), "La Candela" with a big decennial celebration and “Firagost” also known as Fira del Camp (Countryside Fair)


(to 22,2 Km. by c-14 road)

Montblanc is one of the most beautiful medieval ensembles of Catalunya. Its is one of the most interesting points inside the Costa Daurada and is at the core of the Ruta del Cister (Cistercian Route) besides Santes Creus, Poblet and Vallbona de les Monges.

Paleontological rests 

(to 29,2 Km)

The Espluga de Francolí town has a very important set of archaeological remains of this antiquity and historical value.